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More Merchandise

While I have had a great time telling you about my favorite BTS mods and merchandise, I wanted to give some props to another site I came across that has some great stuff, too. I was looking around the internet, as I often do, for BTS pics, gifs, and other stuff like that when I came across a site that has reviews on all kinds of BTS merch. I’ll tell you some about the site and then show you where it is:

What I like about this site is that it’s all about BTS. This makes it easier to find stuff because other kpop artists are not mixed in. I love many kpop groups, but when you are looking for merchandise for a particular one, it helps a lot to have a site dedicated to just that group. So, this site is just about BTS, kind of like mine.

BTS gif

Here are some of my favorite pages and why.

all the boys

Phone Case

My first favorite page is about the BTS phone cases. A phone case is something that goes with you everywhere. You take it to school. You have it at home (but don’t take it everywhere). When do you not have your phone, right? So, a phone case is something you want to customize and make it how you want. What’s great about a lot of the newer phone cases is that they are easy to put on and take off.

Check out my new info on my Gold lamborghini hoverboard on this page.

Since you can replace them easily, you can have several phone cases and use one for a few days then another and so on… I might want to use my BTS phone case on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, I might want a change and so I’ll switch it out with my EXO phone case. Then by Friday, I may want my other phone case with a different picture of BTS on it. Then, I can start the following week with my Red Velvet case, and on and on.

So, you can see why I think phone cases are great. You take them everywhere and they give you lots of variety.


Another one of my favorite pages is the notebook section. A notebook is another thing that you’ll have with you a lot, especially if you are in school or do a lot of creative writing or things like that. My favorite BTS notebooks are the Wings notebook because it reminds me of the album. I can’t think of a better way to get the creative juices flowing that to have BTS and one of their best albums on your mind while you write.


My third favorite page is the BTS poster reviews! Posters are a great way to make your room your own. Posters give you something nice to look at while you’re at home. I think it’s a good idea to make your living space your own. They say this helps you to feel more at ease. Having posters around your room with things you like is a great way to boost your spirits and stay happy. By having things around you that you like you can continue being happy and enjoy being in your room more. If you are in your room a lot, this is even more important. On a side note, here’s a really interesting article about an unusual kpop group.

Thank you for visiting BTS Mods. Check out that site and let me know what you think in the comments below.



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New site!

Welcome to the new BTS mods website. I made this site and forum to help people get together and talk about our favorite group, BTS. BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, is a super famous group in South Korea. They are an uber popular kpop band that features great dance-able music with a lot of heart. BTS is my favorite group, and I like to show my support by creating this site so that other fans can share our experiences and talk about what we love. I’ll be talking here about our favorite BTS songs, merchandise, and fan apparel like t shirts and stuff.

Join in on the discussion and post your favorite BTS song!

There’s a funny hoax about “the Donald” listening to BTS. It’s obviously fake. Everybody knows that he never deletes his tweets. And they are not there. So, I think it’s pretty funny the amount of attention this photoshopped BTS fan tweet is getting. But, I guess it’s just kind of funny. No comment so far from BTS themselves. I’m sure they are way too busy being awesome and performing their hearts out at their shows to care about any of this.