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New site!

Welcome to the new BTS mods website. I made this site and forum to help people get together and talk about our favorite group, BTS. BTS, aka Bangtan Boys, is a super famous group in South Korea. They are an uber popular kpop band that features great dance-able music with a lot of heart. BTS is my favorite group, and I like to show my support by creating this site so that other fans can share our experiences and talk about what we love. I’ll be talking here about our favorite BTS songs, merchandise, and fan apparel like t shirts and stuff.

Join in on the discussion and post your favorite BTS song!

There’s a funny hoax about “the Donald” listening to BTS. It’s obviously fake. Everybody knows that he never deletes his tweets. And they are not there. So, I think it’s pretty funny the amount of attention this photoshopped BTS fan tweet is getting. But, I guess it’s just kind of funny. No comment so far from BTS themselves. I’m sure they are way too busy being awesome and performing their hearts out at their shows to care about any of this.

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